Vegetable Oxalic Acid Content

Oxalic Acid Content of Selected Vegetables:

Vegetable___________________________________________Oxalic Acid (g/100g)


1.09 Asparagus 

0.13 Beans, snap. 

0.36 Beet Leaves 

0.61 Broccoli 

019 Brussels Sprouts 

0.36 Cabbage 

0.10 Carrots 

0.50 Cassava 

1.26 Cauliflower 

0.15 Celery 

0.19 Chicory 

0.21 Chives 

1.48 Collards 

0.45 Coriander 

0.01 Corn,Sweet 

0.01 Cucumbers 

0.02 Eggplant 

0.19 Endive _

0.11 Garlic 

0.02 Lettuce 

0.33 Okra 

0.05 Onion 

0.05 Parsley 

1.70 Parsnip 

0.04 Pea 

0.05 Pepper 

0.04 Potato 

0.05 Purslane 

1.31 Radish

0.48 Rutabaga

0.03 Spinach

0.97 Squash 

0.02 SweetPotato 

0.24 Tomato 

0.05 Turnip 

0.21 Turnip greens 

0.05 Watercress 

0.31 Almonds, cashew, peanut, pecan and walnut all contain high concentrations of oxalic acid ranging from 200-600mg/100g.

Notice the above vegetables that are highest in oxalic acid are those all the experts recommend you should have in your diet. They can't tell you why, they just know they work. God being pretty smart assured that these plants would be available all over the world. Almost 100% are in the weed family. Ever try to kill weeds. Weeds will always be available for all warm blooded animals. To make a point, MAD COW diseases is a virus and the reason it is striking in Europe is the diet the cattle are fed. They are not receiving enough of the forage and grains which contain oxalic acid due to the large volume of animal by products being used. It is cheaper then natural feeds but not cheaper then losing a herd.

I wrote my Representative Asa Hutchinson and suggested he have the U.S. Center for Disease Control do invitro testing using anhydrous oxalic acid to treat the virus. The scientist may discover that oxalic acid is viricidal. I have data, that the acid kills rhinovirus and influenza virus. Apparently Mr. Hutchinson would rather watch vote counters in Florida then bo

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