The Blockers

The first blocker is CITRIC ACID:

it is an acid we do not need to take orally; it is required only if there is a excess or an undesirable acid in our system, and if it is needed the body will produce it. One of the acids it will flush from our system if it is in excess is oxalic acid; so if it is taken orally it will reduce the level of oxalic acid in the blood whether its in excess or not. To make a point, Adelle Davis a well known nutritionists in her book “Let’s Get Well” published 1965 in her writings about kidney stones said, “Persons unfamiliar with these acids and perhaps confused by them might think of oxalic acid as the villain and citric acid as the rescuing hero”. I believe she died from cancer. Considering my research which began January 1986, I believe citric acid is the number 1cause of cancer today. Many people think only of citrus fruits when citric acid is mentioned, however, the greatest source is from ingredients added to foods and beverages. Citric acid is a great preservative, a great taste enhancer and keeps colors bright. And we have the FDA worried about regulating nicotine?

The second blocker is CALCIUM

 primarily the calcium in cow milk; and that means all products made from milk must be avoided; except butter which contains little calcium. Dietary oxalate is appreciably increased when calcium intake is reduced. And I argue that except for taste, cow milk was not meant for humans. When a calf is weaned it seldom returns to the cow. Where do you think the calf gets its calcium? Calcium, other then that which is obtained from the normal diet should be avoided. And persons fighting a disease and are on the diet should avoid tap water unless the water system is on a softener or filter that removes the calcium. It is recommended that distilled water be used. A person unfortunate in having osteoporosis and cancer taking a prescribed calcium supplement should take the supplement in the morning with breakfast and avoid any oxalic acid intake for at least 4 hours to avoid conflict between calcium and oxalic acid.

The third blocker is a environmental item

 in to-days lifestyle that has to be considered in any diet and I believe it is the primary cause of breast and lung cancer in women, smokers or not. It is ELECTRIC MAGNETIC FIELDS (EMFs). If you read the question and answers concerning smoking and cancer you may remember that the Groups of mice that received only radiation had more lung cancers then any other Groups??. If you did not, read them before continuing. Women must absolutely avoid use of the microwave and in most cases be 20+ feet from most large units. Men should follow the same rule if they are fighting cancer. To cite an analogy, microwave ovens are usually placed on a counter top, under a cabinet or in a stack on top of an oven; for most women this is breast high and women happen to be the prime user, especially working women. Rush home pop a can of veggies in the oven, set the timer for 2 min. stand right there and wait for the bell. Besides decomposing the oxalic acid in the veggies, oxalic acid in the blood vessels is also being decomposed. Now, the reader also knows the answer to the question about cell phones. The majority of cell phones can be a cause of brain tumors as the magnetic field from the antennae is very strong. Electric blankets unless they are shielded do decompose acid in the blood contributing to cancers. And do not use a juicer to make carrot juice or any other juice; at the point of juicing the magnetic field is almost as strong as the microwave. Also electric razors at the point they touch the skin are also very strong. What is strong? Any magnetic force greater then that which will influence a magnetic compass will begin to decompose oxalic acid. The Department of Energy suggests when there is any force greater then 2.0 milliGauss you should take precautionary measures.

The fourth blocker is alcohol.

 It washes oxalic acid from the blood and is excreted with urine. The same process is used in laboratory testing. Toxic elements are removed from test materials by being washed with ethanol, an organic alcohol. If you must have alcohol or wish to celebrate a special occasion, drink cheap red wine. Oxalic acid is fairly high in the concord grapes and probably binds with the alcohol in the wine. The cheaper the wine is; the better.

The fifth blocker is pyridoxine (vitamin B6). 

Oxalic acid will be flushed from the kidneys when Pyridoxine is increased in the diet. Today few people pay attention to the RDA for any of the nutrients and for pyridoxine the RDA amount varies from 2 to 4mg depending on what reference you are reading. Like everything else B6 is added to most foods. Some cereals looking out for your health may provide as much as 2500% of your needs. As with all nutrients you should take your vitamins from a natural source. To avoid B6 when you are on the diet your must avoid red meat especially pork and very surprising to me and everyone else you must avoid the white meat of the fowl, chicken and turkey, the white meat is very high in pyridoxine. Many diet advise that you avoid meat because of the fat content and advise you to eat the skinless breast of chicken. The white meat of the chicken is higher in pyridoxine than lean beef. You ca n eat lamb and the dark meat of the fowl as well as any seafood. Canned tuna is especially good; it is high in protein.

I urge those with cancer or any of the different forms of arthritis disease to immediately avoid the blockers listed above. As soon as possible charts will be included in this section showing the different cuts of meat and of fowl listing the pyridoxine level of each. Also there will be charts to show the oxalic acid level of many items of foods and beverages. Until then try concentrating on eating vegetables selected from the following list: Snap beans, Brussels sprouts, beets, carrots, cassava, chives, collards, garlic lettuce, parsley, purslane, radish, spinach, sweet potato, turnips and watercress. Nuts are also a good source for the acid especially walnuts. Walnuts also contain 2 fatty acids, (oleic & linoleic) which will increase the intestinal absorption of the acid. Where possible olive oil should be used in your cooking, it too is high in the fatty acids. And for you chocolate lovers eat, as much as you want

For readers who are lucky and do not have any of the diseases, you can avoid colds and the flu by following the same diet. The sooner the better, the season will begin any time now. The diet is very good for the children also.

In every section I am going to include this advise for cancer patients. If you are now receiving or have recently received radiation, treat yourself as contagious. Do not use a telephone anyone else uses, avoid contact with anyone, especially children; wear a facemask when other persons are in the same room, especially visitors. Strangers include hospice members. They visit others with diseases.

If you wonder why this advise; read the “questions and answers” about smoking and mice. It is my opinion that radiation weakened the immune system of the mice by decomposing oxalic acid in the blood. It will do the same to a human.

As soon as possible the charts will be published. Immediately following the charts, observations from conversations and testimonials received from those who followed the diet will be published under Major Diseases.

You should consult with your doctor concerning the Diet Procedure or the recommendations. Since this is all concerned with natural foods there have been no reports of adverse reactions to current chemotherapies, however your doctor may have more current information.

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