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UESTION: Colonel Joe, you have positively stated over the airwaves on the Tim Booker morning talk show and in letters to the Opinion section of the Morning News that smoking does not cause cancer. Can you justify that statement?

COLONEL JOE: Yes, I can. You may have heard me say on the air that at the end of February, 2000, I received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent Office on my Claims for Compositions and Methods for Oxalic Acid use in the treatment of cancer. During my research, I felt much could be learned about the cause of cancer by studying the test(s) performed by those skilled in the art that documents the causal relationship of smoking and cancer. I began by searching for the test reports. I called the office of Dr. Kessler, Director of the Food and Drug Administration. I felt this would be the best place to start my search. They did not have the test(s), knew nothing about them, and said they did not make the decision that smoking caused cancer. They referred me to The National Institute of Health. I called the headquarters of the National Institute of Health and was told they had no test reports, did not know which ones they were, and did not know where I could find them. They did; however, refer me to many different sections where I might find the test(s) I was attempting to locate. The last section they referred me to was the National Cancer Institute, the research agency. National Institute of Health. I called the National Cancer Institute and my call was transferred from person to person until it was finally suggested that I call The University of Missouri. The University of Missouri is recognized by The National Cancer Institute as an Animal Test Laboratory. Finally, I was making headway.

Upon contacting The University of Missouri, a lab technician referred me to the headquarters American Health Association and a scientist considered a world expert on cancer. The scientist identified three (3) documents concerning experiments measuring the carcinogenicity of tobacco products.

The first document, supported by The Tobacco Industry Research Committee, was published in the Journal of The National Cancer Institute. The second document, supported by The American Cancer Society, Inc., and the National Institute of Health, was published in a Journal of the American Cancer Society. The third document, a Mortality Study, was supported by The National Institute of Health and National Center for Urban and Industrial Health.

All three tests are flawed due to no data contained therein concerning nutritional and dietary observations

The tests do not teach that smoking causes cancer; however, the tests do teach radiation causes carcinogenic conditions of the blood resulting in the development of cancer. Data in the tests is however conclusive that electric magnetic fields (EMF’s) do cause cancer, specifically lung cancer

The Hart Dietary Procedure Plan, is described in a seperate section of this site and, may be used as a Natural Method for Treating Diseases and/or Conditions, by increasing blood level of Oxalic Acid or Oxalate to an effective level above the "mean value" to strengthen the bodys immune system.

You should consult your doctor for advice on effects the Diet may have on any prescibed treatment.

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