Question: Smoking & Decomposition-Oxalic Acid


QUESTION: In your response to the question on Smoking and Radiation you stated that radiation was the cause of the tumors. Do you know how radiation develops the carcinogen that causes cancer?

ANSWER: Yes and let me say, when I first discovered it I was quite surprised. On first reading of the information I did not relate it to being a cause of cancer. It is in a text titled OXALIC ACID in BIOLOGY and MEDICINE by A. HODGKINSON Academic Press 1977. The published date is 10 years after the completion of the study of the Mortality of Uranium Miners; the study most likely used by Dr. Koop to declare, “Smoking caused cancer” and required the warning on cigarette packages.

Here is the statement: The Oxalic Acid Dosimeter “The decomposition of solutions of oxalic acid by y-radiation has been made the basis of a method for measuring radiation dosage, in the sterilization of food and medical products (Holm and Sehested, 1968). The absorbed dose is determined from the decrease in oxalic acid concentration which occurs during irradiation”.

By itself the statement does not have a impact: it does however when you add the information that “A mean value of 288mcg of anhydrous oxalicacid/100ml was reported for normal human blood( Pernet and Pernet1965). And, further add the information that oxalic acid is high in foods reported to be great cancer fighters, like carrots, spinach, beets, nuts, and, hundreds of other foods and beverages:


DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY published a booklet titled, Questions and Answers About E- M- F, Electric and Magnetic Fields Associated with the Use of Electric Power, January 1995 which links epidemiological studies with cancer.

When oxalic acid is in our blood; in foods & beverages we eat and drink, and testimonials confirm oxalic acid kills cancer cells, virus, bacteria, and decalcifies the calcareous material in plaque in arteries; and is in the blood of all warm blooded mammals, it was easy to associate radiation the mice and miners were exposed to as the real cause of the cancer, not cigarette tar, painted on mice or ingested by the smokers.

I will repeat that finding the tobacco companies guilty is one of the biggest scams ever pulled off by trial lawyers in the history of our country.

And thousands of “scientists and research scholars” around the world are debating and cannot agree on the question of “cell phones” being a cause of cancer. They absolutely are.

There are many electrical items in everyday use as harmful as cell phones. One current use is the normal practice of radiation treatment to cancer patients after surgery or chemotherapy or both. Radiation is given as a “just in case” and the number, time and power of each treatment will determine how completely oxalic acid in the blood is decomposed.

A perfect public case is now being played out. Mayor Rudy Guiliani. If during his treatment his is not considered contagious, that is, isolating him, keeping everyone, especially kids, from any contact he is in danger of contacting viral diseases, untreatable with anti-biotic.

The decomposition of the oxalic acid in his blood by radiation may so weaken his immune system he cannot fight off any viral or bacterial disease. Many cancer patients die from cancer related viral pneumonia. There are many questions to be answered that will more completely and clearly cover the effects and sources of E M F as well as a complete discussion of the history of Oxalic Acid, Cancer Diets and the like.

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