Mad Cow

“Mad Cow"      

All who read this should be aware that "mad cow" can be a cause of brain tumors.

     The modus operandi is very similar to the papillomus virus which causes vaginal

tumors.  When the papilloma virus is injected into the vaginal area, oxalic acid will

immediately attack and kill the virus as virus is life threatening; and if for many reasons

 there should be insufficient oxalic acid available to kill the virus and destroy abnormal

cells, vaginal carcinomas (tumors) will develop.

     In the case of mad cow virus; when mad cow virus enters the blood it will immediately

seek to enter the cranium and invade brain protein where it incubates and spreads.   As with

the papilloma virus, if there is insufficient acid in the blood to kill the virus and destroy

abnormal cells, carcinomas (tumors) will develop.

     If you want to learn and understand oxalic acid; and how to prepare and take

necessary action to prevent this from happening, you can reach me at 479 451-8517.

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