flawed test procedures,  June 13. 2009

  Well the biggest fraud in our history continues with the Senate adding the FDA, who has their own problem with flawed test procedures, to the list of experts on smoking and cancer.  How many readers of this letter remember the famous lawsuit filed by Delta Airline cabin attendants against the tobacco companies claiming second hand smoke was responsible for their breast and lung cancers?   

    I suggest our Senators Lincoln and Pryor recommend that FDA or the CDC&P acquire current data same as that used to support Claims in the Attendants law suit and publish it so we the people can see that cancer cases among Attendants have been eliminated or drastically reduced.  What better way to show we the people that the terrible smoking cigarette monster that kills half million people a year can be eliminated.  I recommend Arkansas smokers demand our Senators inform us of their actions.   I can assure any reader of the published comparative information will  be totally surprised.  If the comparative data is gathered and not released  the answer to the question of second hand smoke causing cancer will be loud and clear .   I can tell readers IT DOES NOT.  Oh and just for information  the CDC&P did not know that the PRION that causes "madcow disease" was a VIRUS; and that the Scientist who discovered it proposed it be called a "VIRION".    

    It is impossible for tobacco to cause cancer;  It is a weed just like marijuana, tea, and many   vegetables and spices we eat.  And for those who need to smoke the "weed" for pain relief; try putting "bulk green tea" in your pipe and smoking it, you will get pain relief   The best smoking is a plain virgin tobacco cigar, it too will give you pain relief.   And for readers of this letter who think I am some kind of nut,  I have been granted not one but three (3)US Patents, covering an "oxalic acid"  that is in all weeds in varying amounts and is in the blood of all "warm blooded mammals" including humans.  It kills all virus, bacteria, and abnormal cells (cancer cells).   It is impossible for smoke from a weed to cause cancer as the smoke carries oxalic acid in the ester form into the lungs where it is picked up by the blood, which carries it to the cancer cells and destroys them.  


    Anyone of any stature, especially those with letters after their name, who would like to challenge any of the above data I am more than willing to meet with you, but, only in a forum open to the public.  And perhaps the Morning News would host the meeting.   I think I can say it would be unprecedented.  


Francis J. Hart  "aka"  Col Joe


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