EMF Aircraft


     Now that you have studied the previous Scientific Test of effect of tar and nicotine on mice; make note that mice exposed to radiation had more lung tumors than mice exposed to tar and nicotine.    

     The following experiment was conducted during a two stage commercial flight from Northwest, AR (XNA) to San Diego, CA.   The aircraft were a twin jet engine Embraer to Dallas-Fort Worth and a Lockheed DC-8 to California.  

     The equipment used is a K-II Enterprises Safe Range EMF Meter capable of detecting the ELF range (50 to 1000Hz) & VLF range (1000 to 20,000Hz).   

The field strength milliGAUSS (MG) readings by lights:

             Green on to 2.5 mG                   Yellow--- to 10 mG

             Amber---- to 20 mG                       Red------   to 20 mG pl

     The procedure followed was identical for both stages, with one exception during the stage to CA.      Upon boarding each aircraft I stopped and explained to the Captain I was conducting an experiment and asked if he would assist me by checking the flight compartment for presence of electromagnetic fields. Upon agreement I provided the Gauss Meter, explained its operation and proceeded to my seat.

     Approximately 20 min after a normal takeoff and climb to assigned altitude, the Captain came back from the flight compartment sat next to me and described how he had operated the meter and that it showed a yellow light in all areas of the compartment except when he placed it below his knees toward his feet, the meter showed red and he was curious as to why.  I asked if the weather radar was in the nose section and he replied

that it was.    We then talked a few minutes about my research and he returned to the pilot's compartment.   After a short explanation to the stewardess I measured the galley area and the only area that measured a emf was near the coffee warmer.

     The same procedure was followed on the Flight from Dallas-Ft Worth via the

DC-8.  The Captain however showed more interest in reason for the experiment and did go back to the galley to advise the flight attendants about my testing.   The results of my readings were far more than expected.   The Gauss meter showed red when along side seats just forward of the galley and stayed red in every area of the galley.    To be sure of the findings, after all trays were returned and the galley was stowed, I returned and checked the galley again and no readings were elevated except directly opposite the coffee warmers.  Mission accomplished.

     It is safe to say; "there has been no reduction of cancer victims since elimination of smoking on the aircraft".   Facts are; there may be an increase as power is added in the passenger area for convenient items.    

     In considering scientific data      presented, pilots and stewards, in my opinion, are in a death trap every flight they make.   Crew members and passengers get no benefit from foods served that might have contained oxalic acid since it's been decomposed.

Tobacco like marijuana is a weed and to some degree can relieve pain and discomfort since all weeds contains oxalic acid which does relieve pain.    For those who doubt the writings of my findings,  for relief of pain buy some bulk green tea and put that in your pipe and smoke it;  you will no longer have to smoke the "weed"; oxalic acid in tea is the same as oxalic acid in marijuana.  How does it work?  When burning, oxalic acid is converted into an ester form ( a very fine powder) carried to the lungs, is picked up by blood and carried to the pain site.  Those who doubt it try it.  The best is cigar smoke.

Rush Limbaugh is right again!!

All information on this site and coljoe.com as well as the US Patent no. 6133317 was provided years ago to the Arkansas Department of Health under then Governor

MIKE HUCKABEE and absolutely nothing was done and many victims died or suffered indescribable pain and lost every possession they worked a lifetime for.


   It is strongly suggested that you go to News Article & Ads find  Paid Advertisement and read it before reading the following letters.  

You need to know the extent politicians (gov),scientists and doctors (pharmaceutical co's)  will go to,  to prevent any cures for any disceases, major or minor. It is why I refer to them as "stupid politicians" & "brilliant dummies". Most doctors do not know a mean value of "oxalic acid" in the blood of humans.   Figure that statistic out.   Now go read the letters .   Col

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